How long is Photo session?  

The photo session usually takes from 40 min up to 2 hours, the average duration of it is one hour. (Personal Sessions, Fashion Photography, Family Sessions, Engagement, etc.)

And what about preparations?  

It’s very important to prepare for the photo session, to choose its style. It helps us to get an ideal result. 

How many images do we need for our photo session?

It is necessary minimum 2 images for a personal photo session. All details are discussed during our pre-session consultation.

Fashion photoshoot includes several outfits and locations.

We are also glad to offer you to create your own image for the session, your unique make-up and hair styling. To create your own image takes about 2 hours.

Time is booked beforehand.

 How many photos do you usually get and how long is photo editing?

The quantity of photos depends on session duration. You usually get from 60 up to 70 pictures after one-hour session.

After full wedding day you get more than 1000 photos. 

I always choose the best pictures to create series.

The average time of expectation is up to 1 month. 

What is preparation for photo sessions? Some simple steps.

1. Consultations: discussion of time and locations. Booking of the date. 

4. Choosing, photo editing and retouching.

2. Discussion of your images and details. 

5. Getting the result

3. Photoshoot

I’d like to discuss photoshoot details! Contact us