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Artistic Photography

Timeless film style approach

& Photojournalism

Alex Gordias Photography – My team and I are photographers who work all over New England and beyond.  If you are looking to hire a photographer for a wedding, an elopement, family or individual sessions, you are in the right place. The main studio is located in Greater Boston. The branch is on Cape Cod. We are working all year long all over Massachusetts, traveling for destination weddings and sessions in the US and beyond. in 2022 I opened an additional space to work with studio portrats, such as headshots, individual and family sessions.

At our studio, we’re all about going with the flow and capturing your day, your way, always.  Sometimes you need a little direction to nail that perfect shot –  we’re totally up for that! We can guide you through the more structured bits to make sure every photo is just right. If you’d like to enjoy the day instead of taking care of the staged shots, we’re not just about the posed stuff. We can switch gears and go full-on photojournalistic, catching those real, unscripted moments as they happen. You know, the ones that really tell the story of your day.

And the best part? We can mix it up! If you want a bit of both – some guided shots and some candid snaps – we’ve got you covered. After 16 years in photography, we’re good at adapting to whatever you need.

At the end of the day, our aim is the same – to deliver great photos that are all about your joy and enjoyment, no matter how we get there. We’re here to bring your vision to life, and to make it a fun ride along the way!

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Alex G – Founder

and Lead Photographer of the Studio

When I was young, my father showed me how to work with film cameras. We would spend time working in the darkroom with negative films and prints. Photography has become my passion since then.

After graduating from the University, I’ve worked as a professional photographer for more than 15 years worldwide. Being bilingual helps me not only understand but also personify each culture.

Since 2014 I’ve won more than 60+ international and national wedding photography competitions. In 2022 I opened a studio space in Norwood, MA to capture fashion style portraits, headshots and family sessions.

Alex Gordias Photography – It’s time for great photos.

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Jacob – Lead Associate Photographer

Jacob is a photographer and videographer from Boston, Massachusetts. He joined Alex Gordias Photography in 2021. Jacob works in commercial and landscape photography. His past customers include Panasonic LUMIX, Chaco Footwear, Esper Luxury, and Boston University. He works with digital photography and video, in addition to 35mm and medium format film. During his spare time, he goes backpacking and plays guitar in the mountains. If you have any inquiries related to photography or video projects, please fill out the contact page form.

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Anastasia – Lead Associate Photographer

Anastasia is an experienced Boston-based photographer with a passion for capturing authentic moments. With a background in traditional portraiture and lifestyle photography, Anastasia incorporates playfulness and spontaneity into her work. Her love for photography started in the days of film and darkrooms, and she has since honed her skills through various genres, focusing mainly on photographing people. As a mother of two, she understands the importance of preserving memories in professional photographs. Having traveled extensively and experienced different cultures, Anastasia is skilled at connecting with people from all walks of life. She enjoys working in various outdoor locations around Boston but also offers studio sessions in Norwood for her clients.

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Annalee – Associate Photographer

Annalee is a part-time co-worker at Alex Gordias Photography. She really enjoys photographing weddings and is an experienced adventure photographer who delights in traveling. In a nutshell, she became a wedding photographer because of her fondness of the authenticity of the wedding day, the enthusiasm and the planning process, and also the unexpected joyous moments that come with it.

When she was in high school, she participated in her first photography class, which was where she discovered her enthusiasm for recounting stories through the lens of a camera. When she was eighteen, she took pictures of her first wedding and has been in love with weddings ever since.

When she is shooting, she usually avoids heavily-posed pictures or staged reactions. She prefers capturing the poignant and genuine moments that bring a tear to the eye. Those are the ones that truly matter.