About Alex

Boston Photographer


My name is Alex, and I am an internationally-known and Massachusetts award-winning photographer. Working all over New England and beyond.
Gordias is an Ancient Greek: Γορδίας, /ɡɔːrdiəs/ is a creative alias of my company.

My father showed me how to work with film cameras when I was a child. We used to spend time working in the darkroom with negative films and prints. Photography becomes my passion since then. After graduating from the University in 2007, I’ve worked as a professional photographer for more than 15 years worldwide – Europe, Indonesia, Asia, and the US.

Being bilingual helps me not only understand but also personify each culture. I find it easier to be diplomatic and fair.

Since 2014 I’ve won more than 30 international and national wedding photography competitions.

Also, I am a member of a wedding photographer’s professional associations, such as WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), FEARLESS Photographers (, ISPWP and Weddingphotographersociety.

Alex Gordias Photography – It’s time for great photos.