Hey there, and a big welcome to my blog! I’m a Boston Wedding Photographer, and today I’m super excited to share some Beacon Hill Engagement Photos. We struck gold with the weather for A&J for their engagement session – it was perfectly timed for the fall photos!

A lot of couples love those classic downtown shots, and I totally get it. But what really brings an engagement shoot to life? It’s not just the lovely people or the stunning locations. Every shoot is an opportunity for me to get creative and craft photos that are truly unique – whether it’s playing with sunlight and shadows, capturing laughter and movement, or mixing close-ups with wide-angle shots.

As we wandered through the charming streets of Boston, capturing their Beacon Hill engagement, we discovered so many beautiful spots bathed in light. My aim was to capture their vibe and show the diverse range of photos we could create.



The Photoshoot: A Journey Through Boston

The engagement session started in the historic streets of Beacon Hill, with its charming brick buildings and gas-lit lamps serving as a romantic backdrop. Alyssa and James then strolled along the Boston Public Garden, sharing moments of laughter and love, perfectly captured by Alex.

The Experience: More Than Just Photos

For Alyssa and James, this engagement session was more than just a photo shoot; it was an opportunity to explore and celebrate their relationship in a city they love.

They all enjoyed walking though the city, finding the perfect backdrops and the light.



Alex’s photography session with Alyssa and James in Downtown Boston beautifully encapsulates their journey together. The city’s vibrant urban landscape served as the perfect backdrop, resulting in a series of cherished memories for the couple. This photoshoot exemplifies the magic that unfolds when a great location meets the expertise of a talented photographer. It transformed a straightforward engagement session into a memorable adventure. Alex and his team are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to capture Alyssa and James’s wedding at the renowned Rosecliff Mansion in April 2024, promising to add another chapter to their love story through stunning photography.


Beacon Hill Engagement Photos by Alex Gordias