When the weather cooperates, it’s easy to do the photos. We were so lucky to schedule the date for the Engagement session in Boston for Jennifer & Matthew after the snow day. Walking through Boston’s streets, we found a lot of beautiful spots with the light. My goal was to uncover their mood and show how different the photos might be. We visited the Public Garden to build the snowman, catching the joy and snow, playing with snowballs at the same time. About nine months left for their wedding, and I can’t wait for it, primarily because of the fall on Cape Cod. As a Cape Cod wedding photographer, I would recommend doing the wedding somewhere in September or October. Jen & Matt picked Pelham House Resort in Dennis Port, MA for the wedding, this is a brand new Venue, and honestly, this is the second reason I can’t wait to start the session. A brand new venue, beautiful couple, and the fall, this is a perfect combination for the inspiration.