Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Alex Gordias. As one of the top Cape Cod and New England wedding photographers, I receive a lot of inquires for weddings, family sessions, proposals, and engagement photography. This post is about Cape Cod Photographers – Provincetown Proposal at Herring Cove Beach.

It’s not a secret. A secret proposal is one of the most exciting moments in the life of a couple. It thrilled me each time, see how the new story of the loves begins, being a part of it, even when hiding somewhere nearby capturing the pictures.
Time to share some summer 2020 memories from Cape Cod. Here is the story of Vincent and Michelle. While they traveled from New York for the vacation, we stayed in touch with Vincent planning the proposal.

As an experienced photographer, I would recommend you to do some important things.

If you are planning the proposal:

1. Contact the photographer and book the time and date;
2. Find the right place and the spot for a proposal;
3. Share your latest photos and attires if possible;
3. Make sure where the photographer is hiding or not (depends on the plan);
4. When proposing, try to stand sideways to where the photographer is;
5. Enjoy the moment;
6. Take soma staged romantic photos;
7. Enjoy your gallery. The turnaround time is from a week or less. I also share the sneak peek at the same or on the next day.

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Cape Cod Photographers - Provincetown Proposal 02

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