Garrett and Megan’s Rainy Day Surprise at Duxbury Beach Proposal Photos

It was just another rainy day at Duxbury Beach, but for Garrett and Megan, it turned into a moment they’d never forget. As a Boston wedding photographer who works across New England and knows a thing or two about capturing love, this was no ordinary beach day.

Picture this: The sky is gray, the rain’s coming down, and the beach has that wild, windswept look. Garrett and all, decide it’s the perfect moment. He drops to one knee in the wet sand, right there with the ocean singing in the background. Megan, completely taken by surprise, can’t help but light up – her smile says it all.


Here is their story:



And guess what? Their families were there too, hiding out until the big moment. Imagine the scene – raincoats, umbrellas, and all, everyone trying to keep the secret. As soon as Megan said “Yes!” it was like the weather didn’t even matter. The rain just added to the magic, making it a scene straight out of a movie.



But that’s not all. After the beach, Garrett had another surprise up his sleeve. They headed back home where a surprise proposal party was waiting. Friends, family, and a whole lot of celebration – the perfect end to an unforgettable day.


So a rainy day at Duxbury Beach, a little bit of surprise, and a whole lot of love. That’s the story of how Garrett and Megan got engaged, with every heartfelt moment caught on camera by me – Alex Gordias. A day that just goes to show that sometimes the best moments happen when you least expect them – rain and all.


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