How we met


We met on the dance floor in Newton, MA in 2003 when we were 15 years old and competitive Latin ballroom dancers. Sasha was the better dancer! By 2006, both of us had left the Newton area. Sasha headed to UMass Amherst to study neuroscience, where he kept dancing for some time. Lyusha headed to Washington, DC, where she promptly quit dancing and pursued the bends and twirls of Arabic instead. Throughout the next 7 years, Sasha got his degree, worked in research and biotech, and became a behavioral therapist. Lyusha moved to Egypt and then Cyprus, translated poetry, and quietly acquired four vicious dumpster cats. In 2013, when Lyusha started business school, Sasha spontaneously answered a roommate ad and moved in with Lyusha’s childhood friend. When Lyusha came to visit from the forests of New Hampshire, she was surprised to find Sasha among her closest group of friends. She noted he’d done an excellent job growing up. When Lyusha finally moved back to Boston in 2017, there was Sasha. What ensued for the next couple of months was a jittery, high school-style crush wherein Lyusha grew uncharacteristically shy. She told her chattiest friends that she had a crush on Sasha in hopes that they would tip him off, but they sadly kept her confidence. It took about two months, but Sasha finally got the hint!