The Heritage Museums  Gardens Family Photos, Sandwich, MA. Captured by Alex, who works across New England and beyond all year round.

Location and Atmosphere Heritage Museums & Gardens are located in the historic Cape Cod region. Known for its lush landscapes and serene environment, it spans over 100 acres of well-maintained gardens and trails. The gardens are a highlight, especially during summer when they bloom.

High trees and lots of greenery allow you to enjoy the summer weather and have more shade to schedule the session earlier than the golden hour.




Hydrangeas: A Garden’s Pride A significant attraction of the gardens is their extensive collection of hydrangeas. In various shades of blue, pink, and white, these flowers create a vibrant and colorful backdrop, ideal for family photos. The hydrangeas, some native to the region and others cultivated varieties are a testament to the diversity and ecological richness of the gardens.

The Garden Experience Visitors are always encouraged to explore the garden’s pathways, each leading to a different array of plants and flowers.


Heritage Museums Gardens Family Photos  – The season of 2024 Cape Cod Family Sessions is almost here. Book your date to schedule the family session in the gardens or at a beach; I know lots of options and am always happy to share my experience.


Photography by Alex Gordias – Local Cape Cod Family Photographer.