Welcome back to my blog, and it’s great to see you here again! If you’re visiting for the first time, hello! I’m Alex, a Cape Cod Family Photographer. In today’s post, I’m focusing on family photography in Hyannis. Why Hyannis? Well, I’m refining my location preferences to enhance Google search results about my service areas and travel flexibility. Aa a Hyannis Family Photographer – My aim is to offer my photography services across Cape Cod and the Islands, as well as in Boston and the broader New England area.

Now, let’s dive into family photography. A typical family session with me lasts about 1 hour, plus an additional 10-15 minutes. My clients receive an online gallery, which includes sharing options and up to 100+ edited photos with printing rights. You can also download high-resolution files. And the best part? I don’t charge extra for additional files. My commitment is to provide the best service possible. Typically, the turnaround time for photos is 3-5 weeks, but I often deliver them within just two weeks.


For this post, I want to share about a session with long-term clients who were vacationing in Cape Cod. They booked a family session at their private residence in Hyannis. We had the advantage of an incredible private garden and a nearby beach, making for a delightful evening. The session was filled with fantastic shots that I’m excited to share.


Please do not hesitate to book the date and time for your family/engagement/proposal/elopement or wedding session if you like the photos. During the high season, it’s better to schedule the date a few weeks before the photoshoot, but sometimes I do have time to book last-minute sessions. Lets chat. Your local Cape Cod family photographer – Alex Gordias.


Thank you