Hello, I’m Alex Gordias – A Boston Wedding Photographer.  In May of 2023, I photographed Rose and Eddi’s wedding at The Langham Boston. May in Boston presented us with a relentless rainy backdrop, but this did not dampen the spirit and elegance of their special day. My experience with the studio lights helped to use the natural light for the portraits in the best way, ensuring every moment was captured in its full glory. Enjoy The Langham Boston Wedding Photos.

The Langham Boston: A Beacon of Luxury

The Langham Boston, renowned for its opulence and grandeur, served as the perfect location for Rose and Eddi’s wedding. This iconic venue, steeped in history and elegance, offered a resplendent setting for an indoor celebration. The architectural beauty and refined interiors of The Langham Boston were more than just a backdrop; they were an integral part of the day’s narrative.

Light and Elegance

Photographing Rose and Eddi inside The Langham Boston was akin to painting with light. Each shot was carefully composed to capture the ambiance of the venue and the essence of their love story. The grand chandeliers, the luxurious décor, and the elegant poise of the couple came together in a symphony of visual storytelling that was both intimate and grand.


Celebration in the Main Ballroom

The main ballroom of The Langham Boston, where the celebration unfolded, was nothing short of spectacular. The opulent space, adorned with exquisite details, set the stage for an unforgettable evening. As the photographer, capturing the laughter, the dances, and the heartfelt moments in this majestic ballroom was a joyous endeavor. Each photograph not only captured a moment in time but also the magnificence of the setting.


Conclusion: A Rainy Day Transformed at The Langham Boston Wedding

Rose and Eddi’s wedding at The Langham Boston was a testament to the fact that beauty and joy can thrive even when the weather does not cooperate. With the blend of my photographic skill and the innate elegance of The Langham Boston, their wedding day was transformed into an indoor spectacle of love and celebration, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.



The Venue: The Langham

MUAH: ZenaRose Boston

Flowers BeGrowCo

Cake: Dessert Works

Band: The LegitBand

Lightning: СJС Lighning