Captured by Alex Gorias, Cape Cod Wedding Photographer.

Michaela and Matthew chose Mayflower Beach for their engagement session, documented by local Cape Cod photographer, Alex Gorias.

Setting: Mayflower Beach

Mayflower Beach, known for its wide expanse and ocean views, was the location for this engagement photo session. The beach’s natural features provided a simple yet effective backdrop.


The Golden Hour Session

The photo shoot was scheduled during the golden hour, the time before sunset known for its soft, warm light. This timing was crucial in capturing the right ambiance for the photos.

Photography Approach

As a photographer, I focused on Michaela and Matthew’s interactions with the beach setting. The session included various poses and candid moments, utilizing the natural light to highlight their expressions and emotions.



Mayflower Beach in Dennis, Cape Cod, doesn’t have a widely documented history with specific dates like historical landmarks or historical events. It’s primarily known for its natural beauty and as a popular destination for beachgoers. The history of the beach is more aligned with the general development of Cape Cod as a tourist and vacation destination, which gained prominence in the 20th century, especially after World War II when road infrastructure improved and the American middle class began to seek vacation spots.

Cape Cod has a rich history dating back to the early European explorers and the Native American tribes that inhabited the area. The name “Cape Cod” was first used by Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602, and the region has since been a part of many significant historical events in the United States. However, specific historical dates or events directly related to Mayflower Beach are not widely recorded or celebrated as they might be for more historically significant sites in the region.

For those interested in the broader history of Cape Cod, including the areas surrounding Mayflower Beach, local historical societies or regional museums could provide more detailed insights and information.


Resulting Photos

The resulting photographs captured the essence of their relationship in a natural setting. The golden hour light added a soft quality to the images, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. Black and white photos always have their charm. I like to create a blend of color and BW pictures in the final gallery.



The engagement session at Mayflower Beach for Michaela and Matthew was an opportunity to capture their connection in a natural, outdoor setting. The timing of the shoot during the golden hour was a key factor in achieving the desired effect in the photographs. Can’t wait to photograph their Wedding this year at WCCC.