Personal or group sessions for professional and amateur photographers.


Being a professional photographer for 15 years and having my own private school of photography in Europe, I’ve decided to renew the profession way I intended to be. I have a lot to share. My expertise and international experience allow me to help photographers by working on their skills. We can start this journey together and fulfill your knowledge with brand new ways to solve your skills’ struggling parts. The mentor sessions are easy. We’ll start creating an individual program for you based on the questions you have with a flexible schedule in virtual sessions or personal meetings.

Suppose you are looking for a portfolio/web-page review and help. Let me know.


The packages:


Basic (Up to 2-hours) – $900
Online or in-person

Standard (Two sessions up to 2-hours each) $1500
Online or in-person

Maximum package (Up to 8 hours) $3500
Full-day custom mentoring, an outside photo session with the model.
Online or in-person


Let’s customize your educational process and go through all the details, starting with equipment, settings and ending with sharing all my secrets and techniques. I care about each student and happy to provide long-term support for next year, helping with quick questions or scheduling a few more classes. Why is this important? Only because each experience is comprehensive – the more we work – the more we learn,  having more questions to answer, and handling things.

Especially my classes created for professional wedding photographers who want to improve their skills, work on the portfolio, and SEO. By reviewing the strategy, photo shooting, and editing the photos, we’ll achieve new high-quality results improving all aspects of photography.


It’s time for your journey into the world of photography!

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Mila Player - Myrtle Beach, SC

Alex’s class was so informative, with so many details, techniques, and tips! Alex is not only an extremely talented photographer but he is also an outstanding teacher. I would say the best and the most unexpected part of our lesson was that there was no rush, he made sure I understood everything and knew how to use and apply my new skills in the future!
The best part is the fact that he will actually teach you HOW TO do things and not just run a plug-in in Photoshop, you don’t need to spend any more money- here is what I mean: in the past when I paid for other classes and workshops I had “teachers” showing me how they run all those different plug-ins (which I found out cost about $600, no wonder their photography looked good, but I expected to learn something, not spend more money). With Alex it’s different, he actually shows you the workflow and yes, you can run a plug-in if you choose to do so, but the one he recommends costs $12 only.

Kadri Karmo - Boston and RI

I have known Alex for 5 years now, and since the time we met, he has always been the photographer I’m looking up to.
Photographing weddings and being an absolute addict to natural light, I always had a hard time with using artificial light. Understanding the ways it works and setting up the light equipment on different sites was still an uncomfortable place for me. I always felt incompetent in this area. I am so grateful to Alex and his willingness to explain and show in such an easy and effortless way how things work. He explained the theory, provided the most helpful resources (that I’ve been using to this day), and helped to reinforce the knowledge by setting up + testing physical equipment in an in-person session. Seriously, it was so helpful to finally get all the questions answered and finally let my doubts go. Do yourself a favor and save your time and money by asking professional and learning by having a great time!

(774) 286-0926

Elbert Maria - Raleigh, NC

I’m family and landscape amateur photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. For the last 3 years, I have been actively observing Alex’s work. I am obsessed with his photography and processing (retouching and editing techniques along with the high-quality style). He has an artistic eye and truly gifted photographer. All his photos are filled with real-life and positive emotions. I was so happy to find his mentoring session classes, no I know more about his secrets, techniques, and important details to improve my skills and my portfolio's quality. He shared his knowledge of photo-arts, the process of working with models, recommended important books that inspired me to buy new professional literature. Besides, he explained important aspects of photo processing like editing and retouching that I did not know about. Highly recommend his classes for everyone who wants to improve the skills, learn more about photography and achieve new heights of a professional career.

Possible topics:

  1. The cameras DSLR or Mirrorless;
  2. Settings – the best way to optimize your gear;
  3. Lenses and Flashes;
  4. The light – everything you need to know;
  5. Focal length, using the proper angels and lenses for different purposes;
  6. One on one photoshoot with models (model);
  7. Finding your clients – possible ways and promoting your services;
  8. Paperwork for wedding and event photography;
  9. Culling the images and creating the catalogs for editing in Adobe LR and Converting photos for Adobe PS;
  10. Boost the speed up – Working with smart preview system;
  11. Working on color correction and retouching. Balancing and matching the photos; 
  12. Professional natural retouching tools and techniques. 
  13. Creating and uploading the photos to online galleries for delivery the photos;
  14. Blogging;
  15. Submitting the photos to the world lead wedding blogs;
  16. All about weddings and much more

Group classes are available by request.