My top wedding venues on Cape Cod, MA

About 4 top venues.


Hello! Thank you for stopping by Boston and Cape Cod photographer’s blog. And today I’d like to share my impressions with you about my four favorite venues for your great photos.



The first one is the Wychmere Beach Club. It’s a convenient venue with perfect service, delicious cuisine, comfortable and well-equipped ballrooms of different types. There is an ocean room to have a look at the water body, a cozy harbor room with the view to the decks and boats, a vast lawn to be admired with the bay. The service is worth to be mentioned as they drive just married couples to the beach and back to make colorful pictures at sunset.



The second place is the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. I like it because of its cascade territory. It goes downhill to the bay. There isn’t a beach, but there is a beautiful ceremony place, several bright ballrooms and gardens with hydrangeas in blossom. Its landscaping is so suitable for great photos of the happiest life moments.

Chatham Bars Inn is one of the most popular places for wedding venues and reception. Its luxurious territory includes excellent sites for perfect photos. A huge pool and a long beach allow you to feel an ocean breeze as an invitation for your happy life.



One more place I’m describing today is New Seabury Country Club. There are beautiful ballrooms with decks for cocktail hours indoors and outdoors. Its ballrooms contain a lot of guests. There is also a giant green golf course. You can observe the ocean from the deck in front of the hall over it. New Seabury Country Club provides you with excellent service. You can get to the beach in golf cars to make wonderful pictures at sunset at the ocean — brilliant service and a pleasant atmosphere surprise you. As for me, I’m ready to memorize your admiration.