Wellesley College family photo session

           Hi! You are reading my wedding and family photography blog. Here is a brand new family photo session at Wellesley College. It's one of my adorable ones. Masha and Jeff Gershman hired me for taking their family photos, and now I know one more Gershman’s family member - their young daughter Sivan. I was amazed by her name, and they told me that Sivan is the ninth month of the civil and third month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar. Since that, her Name is one of my favorites, as their family session.

Take a look at the photos. Wellesley College is a stunning place for long walks with your friends and family, especially for the photo session. A lot of historical buildings, a vast pond, white walls houses, gardens! One more perfect place in Wellesley - the ELM Bank, I do love to work there, Elm bank is an excellent venue for the wedding photographer and taking family and friends photos.  Being a family photographer in Great Boston and Cape Cod area is huge.

Sometimes you have to be tricky to catch the right mood or wait while children will be tuned to pose. One more reason because I love this session? We did a perfect job together, and I capture the real mood of their family, with no tricks and waiting. 1.5- hour session felt like one great moment with a lot of fun, posing, walking and playing hide and seek.

Check the colors of the photos, and my goal is to find the perfect color correction for each session. I am still amazed by the naturally soft and bright colors.

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