Hello, and welcome to my Cape Cod wedding photographer blog. It’s time to share the photos from our trip to Nantucket with a best friend of mine – Alex Paul. Today I’ve decided to feature the new option Nantucket photography prints. You can order landscape photos, frames, postcards from Nantucket through the special gallery. About 100 photos are waiting for you!

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Nantucket /ˌnænˈtʌkɪt/ is a small island about 30 miles from the south of Cape Cod. The earliest English settlement began on the neighboring island of Martha’s Vineyard.

In the past, Nantucket became the Whaling Capital of the World. Can you imagine that?

Let’s talk about the trip. Travel to Nantucket is easy, especially if you are an early bird; plan your trip and book the Ferry tickets a few weeks before your vacation. You can travel from two major locations – The WoodHole and Hyannis.

As for the tickets, honestly, it depends – sometimes, you can find tickets before 1-2 days before the trip. We were traveling by car from Hyannis, which is more expensive on the one hand. Still, from another allows us to visit more places during the day and save money on rentals, as we purchased the tickets a few days before the trip, we missed the opportunity to stay on the isle until the sunset and traveled back at 5:30 pm.

As a wedding and family photographer, I discovered many new spots for taking pictures and enjoyed iconic places and views of Nantucket. Below I want to shot a few photos with the comments.

The trip took about 2 hours +. The morning was calm and cleared up to the end of the journey, it became foggy, and I captured a lot of atmospheric photos.

Cape Cod wedding photographer

Nantucket Harbor uppers so quickly, boats were sailing, luxury yachts and famous Brand Point Lighthouse is on the same place. Please open the Nantucket photography prints gallery to see more.

Nantucket photography

Nantucket photography

Nantucket photos

Nantucket wedding photography

Nantucket photography

As a Cape Cod and Nantucket wedding photographer, I can’t miss the opportunity to mention two iconic places for the wedding – the popular wedding venues.

The first one is in the photo below – White Elephant Hotel. The site is especially famous for making elopements in 2020. There is a lawn with a harbor view for the ceremony and the Lighthouse is nearby to take some romantic photos. 

Nantucket photos

Let’s move to Siasconset, the small tiny village with rose gardens on the rooftops and backyards. Btw hydrangeas are still blossom too.




The waves on the beach an incredibly strong, especially compared with Cape Cod. The beach reminds me of the Indian ocean resorts.

Sankaty Head Gold club is one of the most prestigious places for the wedding on Nantucket. In the previous year, I had the privilege of working there at the wedding.

And, of course, the Sankaty Head Light photo – a must-visit and see on the Island. At night you can see it from the wedding tent of the Sankaty Head Gold club.

And at the end – the closeup of Brant Point Lighthouse.



We were capturing an incredible light in the ocean on our way back.

Based on my experience, 1-2 dates are more than enough to explore the Island. You can rent a car or bicycles to enjoy the landscapes even more.

Nantucket photography prints by Cape Cod and Nantucket wedding photographer – Alex Gordias.