Oceancliff I Do’s: Bita & Daren’s Seaside Soirée – Captured by Alex Gordias, Newport Wedding Photographer

In the heart of Newport, a day dawned, destined to be more than just another date on the calendar. It was the day Bita and Daren chose to intertwine their lives at the Oceancliff Hotel, and as a local wedding photographer, I had the privilege to capture each moment.

Morning Mirth at the Viking Hotel

The day kicked off at Newport’s iconic Viking Hotel. The vibe? Pure excitement with a sprinkle of nerves. Bita and Daren, surrounded by their closest, prepped for the day. The Viking’s charm added a touch of historical elegance, setting a splendid stage for the start of their journey.


The Elms: A First Look to Remember

Then came the moment at The Elms. This wasn’t just any first look; it was a pause in time, a moment so poignant that even the lush gardens of the mansion seemed to hold their breath. Bita and Daren’s first glance at each other here wasn’t just an exchange of looks; it was a silent promise, a preview of the beautiful commitment about to unfold.


Oceancliff Hotel: Where Vows Meet the Sea

As we moved to the Oceancliff Hotel, the main venue, the day unfurled its magic. The outdoor ceremony was a picturesque dream, set against the backdrop of the harbor and boats. The vows, the gentle sea breeze, the sound of the waves – everything conspired to make their “I do’s” unforgettable.



Oceancliff Hotel’s Wedding Experience for $38,800 – $47,900. Discounts for the weekdays. 

Here is the official page with the Packages.

When considering a wedding at Newport’s prestigious Oceancliff Hotel, a budget of $38,800 to $47,900 unlocks a realm of sumptuous experiences and unparalleled services. Here’s a glimpse into what this investment entails at one of Newport’s most sought-after wedding destinations:

  1. Venue Exclusivity: Within this budget, couples can expect the luxury of exclusivity. Oceancliff’s sprawling estate, with its commanding views of Narragansett Bay, becomes a private haven, offering an intimate and serene ambiance.
  2. Gastronomic Galore: Culinary excellence is a hallmark of Oceancliff. This price range typically covers a lavish spread of gourmet cuisine, including a diverse selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, crafted by top chefs. Customization to suit specific dietary preferences and themes is often available.
  3. Elegant Accommodations: Oceancliff’s rooms and suites exude elegance and comfort. Part of the budget goes towards providing luxurious accommodations for the couple and possibly for select guests, depending on the package chosen.
  4. Decor and Design: The aesthetic appeal of a wedding at Oceancliff is unparalleled. Professional decorators work within this budget to create a setting that reflects the couple’s style, from sophisticated floral arrangements to bespoke lighting and table settings.
  5. Expert Planning Services: A dedicated wedding planner is usually part of the package, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned, from the rehearsal dinner to the last dance.
  6. Entertainment and Extras: This price range may include high-end entertainment options like live bands or DJs, and additional features like a photo booth, specialty cocktails, and custom wedding favors.
  7. Stunning Photography Opportunities: Oceancliff’s picturesque landscapes and elegant interiors offer endless opportunities for breathtaking wedding photography, capturing memories that last a lifetime.

An Evening of Elegance and Emotion

The reception inside the Oceancliff brought everyone together in a celebration that echoed with laughter, music, and dance. The interiors of the hotel, with its sophisticated charm, provided a warm embrace to the guests.

A Sunset to Seal the Day

As the day approached its twilight, we were treated to a spectacular sunset. It was as if the day itself wanted to gift Bita and Daren a perfect closing scene. Capturing this moment, where the sky painted itself in hues of orange and pink, was a fitting end to a day filled with love and joy.

In capturing these moments, I witnessed not just the union of two people, but the coming together of stories, families, and dreams. As a Newport wedding photographer, Bita and Daren’s wedding at the Oceancliff Hotel wasn’t just another assignment; it was a story of love that I had the honor of telling through my lens.



Videography- BlueFlash; David Santilli 

MUAH- Ali Lomazzo Beauty

Florist- BeGrowco/ Elizabeth/ 

Cake- Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery/ 

Entertainment: Flipside

Transportation: Return transportation – Experience RI 

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Alex Gordias.