Our Lady of the Assumption church

Hi, thank you for stopping by in my Cape Cod wedding photographer‘s blog! Today I want to share some information about the church in Osterville – Our Lady of the Assumption. The wedding ceremony in the church is more than a ceremony. It is a possibility to bless your marriage, receiving precious sacraments in sacred space. That’s why being inside a church feels different from being somewhere else. An atmosphere of peace, reverence, and respect reigns here because a sense of God’s loving presence permeates the place. It is the right atmosphere to start building a family life.

About Our Lady of the Assumption church

Our Lady of the Assumption wedding
Our Lady of the Assumption church is such a uniquely spiritual place to get married in – the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond. This church has a long history of serving the Catholic Community in the Osterville area. The church, originally built as a mission chapel in 1905, was expanded and renovated in 1916, 1926, and 1960.

In July 2005, the centennial of the coming of the Catholic Church to Osterville was celebrated, marking 100 years since the little mission chapel had been dedicated in 1905.

Location of the church

So the place of its location is Osterville. Osterville is one of seven villages within the town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States. The village of Osterville is located on the south side of Barnstable on Nantucket Sound. I find it quite remarkable that this church is located in Osterville because it’s where many millionaires live.

Our Lady of the Assumption wedding

The interior and the grounds

The church is not very big compared to cathedrals, but it is very cozy and there is enough space for all your guests. The dominant color, blue, is in honor of our Lady (blue is traditionally associated with her). The soft light of the Church makes photo shooting more amazing and atmospheric.
The garden of St. Francis of Assisi greets you as you enter the parish hall. There is the churchyard with the gate around the church, constructed in the style of those built in England during the Medieval period, and a beautiful emerald rectory lawn. Not far from the church, there is an ocean coast. The place is lovely and inviting. There you can continue your wedding photo session on the wonderful natural backdrop.
Do you want to make your wedding day special? Our Lady of the Assumption church is the right place for that.


Our Lady of the Assumption wedding

Information about the venue

Official website:

Address: 76 Wianno Ave Osterville, MA 02655

Phone: 508.428.2011

Fax: 508.428.0154