FineART Adobe Lightroom presets bundle for professional
and amateur photographers.

As a professional photographer, I have been struggling to find the perfect colors and tints to create the best photos. The process of color correction is tricky, especially when you a looking to capture bright and natural film colors and artistic black and white atmospheric shots.

As a result, I have created 11 must-have presets for Lightroom and now you have an opportunity to apply them as well.

What’s in the pack?
A number of presets to achieve an exclusive color and create black and white photos with a unique curve moderated technique.

What does it mean?
The Tone Curve in Adobe Lightroom is a powerful feature that can affect the contrast and brightness of a photo. By adjusting the curves, you can make your photos darker or brighter, and affect the contrast levels.

Below you can find 11 of Adobe Lightroom Professional presets available for photographers to use while editing their images.

1. Fine Art 1 preset is ideal for film style photography, especially for outside portraits with airy pale colors and soft blue toning that makes the final picture softer.


2. Fine Art 2 – Variation of The Fine Art 1.


3. FineArt Cast – The preset converts the colors and tints into the perfect sunset-deep light, warming up the entire photo.


4. FineArt Light Sun Preset is designed to convert the sunset backlight into slightly warm and airy atmosphere with the final Art Film colors.


5. FineArt Warm makes classic Polaroid Cyan Colors and slightly warms up the skin tones, modifies natural green colors into colder tints. For more pronounces visual contrast of warm and cold tones.


6. FineArt The Ocean – The perfect fit for the photos with skin-tones and ocean colors. Warms-up the colors and adds more texture to the final project.


7. Power of Nature – Contrast, texture and calibrated cyan and blue tints for your perfect landscape photos.


8. Dramatic Sky – contrast, texture and calibrated cyan and blue tints for your perfect landscape photos, excepted dramatic blue colors, the perfect fit for the vacation photos or for the landscape photography.


9. FineArt of the Sunset is one more professional preset for achieving warm photos. Sunset light has so many variation and this preset allows to preserve the original atmosphere.


10. Dramatic Black & White is the preset for the portraits, especially for the close-ups. Texture, detail and the high contrast make final picture look significantly more atmospheric and professional.


11. Black and white – the multipurpose present for the landscape, portraits and any kind of the files.


The presets bundle is designed for the professional photographers, wide variety of bloggers with the sense of style, travelers and designers.

This particular bundle of presets allows anyone to transform ordinary photos into an expert grade product.

Half hour one on one Skype session to help customer with selection by offering professional advice is included in the product price. Help with fine tuning the presets according to client’s specifications, equipment and personal preferences.

  • Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images.
  • Fully adjustable.


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Photographers Lightroom FineArt Presets $110