Alla K.


We had a photo session with Alex. It was amazing! Such a pleasure to deal with a professional who is also so reasonably priced. His wife, Vera is a very talented makeup artist and a hair stylist. Just a disclaimer:). I have no personal interest in Alex's advertising. Highly recommend:)) They are also great with kids 

Katya G.


Alex is a wonderful photographer! He was able to capture amazing photographs of our family two weeks ago. He was punctual, professional, thorough and patient. Alex made the photo shoot fun and easy for everyone! He was able to truly capture each person in our family! Since all of the photographs were fantastic, it was hard for us to even pick which ones we wanted to frame. Overall, Alex is an *exceptional* photographer and I highly recommend him!

Janna U.

Alex did a great job on our family photo shoot. Very professional!!! Loved the pictures and a bonus, he is very fast with getting the pictures done!!! Highly recommend!


Maria D.

We've made a wedding photo session with Alex and Vera and I should confess that it was the right choice! They are truly unique team: Vera is a talented hair stylist and makeup artist and Alex is an amazing photographer - he feels and catches moments which are not only beautiful but also convey the atmosphere of the event. Thanks to Vera I was The Most Beautiful Woman that day. And thanks to Alex we’ve got perfectly beautiful and lively photos. There are special moments in life, you would like to keep forever, which you would like to share with your kids and grandkids one day. Wedding is one of such remarkable moments and believe me it is better to trust the capture of this event to professionals because the difference in professional and non-professional photo is dramatic and you would never this event.