HI! Today’s post is about Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos. My Name is Alex Gordias, and I am the lead photographer and owner of Alex Gordias Photography.

Firstly, Roger Williams Park is one of my favorite engagement sessions locations. Roger Williams Park is a beautiful public park located in the middle of Providence, RI. It has a lot to offer for your wedding photography or engagement photoshoot. The Park offers two separate ponds connected by a waterfall and many other small lakes throughout the woods where I took this couple’s pictures!

Secondly, The Park also has a beautiful rose garden, gazebo and many other areas for amazing pictures. The fall colors were in full swing when I photographed Ryan and Kirsten here, and the leaves created a beautiful backdrop for their photos. The Park is one of my favorite locations to photograph couples! If you are looking for an engagement session location or wedding photographer in Rhode Island, Roger Williams Park should be at the top of your list.

Thanks for reading and photo walk over the Park – we were so lucky with the weather and the sunset light.

Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos 02

Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos 03

Boston Wedding Photographer captured Engagement Photos in the Park

Couple is posing at the Park

Providence Rhode Island Sunset Engagement Photos

Can’t wait to photograph their wedding this May in Western Massachusetts. They’ve picked one of the beautiful places for the special day. Stay tuned for the new posts!

– Alex Gordias Photography – Boston Wedding Photographer – Providence RI Engagement Photographer

The conclusion.

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Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos by Alex Gordias