Hi and thank you for stopping by. This is the Cape Cod wedding photographers’ blog. Harsh times have become and I deeply hope, that everything will be back to normal soon. I am always open to help my 2020 client to reschedule the wedding day and do anything I can help with. Today I want to share some Cape Cod Wedding Photography tips, well, not exactly mine, I know a great person – Darya.

Meanwhile, I am about to support all vendors I can. So Cape Cod Wedding Photography tips might be themed in several ways. if you are a wedding vendor or want to be featured on my blog, please feel free to reach out to me. Being on the quarantine helps me to provide more information for my couples (2021 Booking in high demand now!). A few weeks before Stay home policy a did one more session for my medical esthetician in Boston – Darya Heras. At the end of the photo session, I realized that It would be a great idea to share a licensed esthetician thought about taking care of your skin before your special day. No matter where your wedding is supposed to be – Cape Cod, Nantucket or Boston, you can always find a pro and do some skin treats. Please make sure you are following the main and important tips. So let me introduce Darya Heras, her interview you can find below.


Darya at DH Estetica.

My name is Darya Heras! I’ve worked in various nursing fields (RN) for over ten years. I’ve been injecting beauty for the last six years. I can never stress enough how important it is to stay cool-headed when getting ready for the Big Day and “PLAN your face” wisely.

Skin care before the wedding day. Cape Cod weddings Skin care before the wedding day. Cape Cod weddings

Photos by Alex Gordias Photography

1. How to Achieve Healthy and Glowing Skin before Your Big Day?

To look radiant and beautiful while she walks down the aisle is the right of every single girl out there. If you’re a bride to be, chances are you have always dreamt of looking your very best on your big day. While you’re overwhelmingly seeking makeup and dress ideas and inspiration for your special day, don’t forget to show some love and care to your skin. A well-rounded wedding beauty regimen is sure to turn heads as you you’re on your way down the aisle. Here’s a guide to getting you started on your journey to flawless complexion before your wedding.

  • Botox/ fillers:

Botox and dermal fillers work on smoothing out the wrinkles and folds on your face. If performed correctly and conservatively, these minimally invasive treatments are your best bet since they won’t change who you are but enhance your natural beauty and give your face a fresher look. However, if you’ve never had one before, you should opt for the injectable procedures at least two months before your big day so that there’s ample time to adjust the dose if needed for you to get the best possible results out of the procedure. 

Newer and healthier skin will enhance your wedding day look.

Skin care before the wedding day. Cape Cod weddings

2. Which Procedures to Avoid Shortly Before Wedding?

Although various procedures can be utilized by the bride to be in order to achieve that perfect look, the element of time is something that must be kept in mind. If your wedding is less than a month away, it is best that you steer clear of procedures such as tanning and chemical peels. Your skin might react to chemical peels, and there’s a possibility of its side effects not going away before your wedding day. Tanning treatments should also be avoided (ay least on your face) if you’re running low on time since tanning creates dead skin cells that could make your skin look weary dry and uneven. Avoid every procedure that you think your skin might not react well to because this isn’t the time to experiment with your skin. Consulting your dermatologist and/or certified skincare professionals prior to taking any sort of treatment is highly recommended. 


Skin care before the wedding day. Cape Cod weddings


3. Should You Get Peels Shortly Before Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding ahead of time and have at least three months or more before your wedding nuptials, a skin peel course is something you should definitely go for. Skin peeling procedures, such as chemical and mechanical peeling, will remove the buildup of dead skin cells and reveal more youthful skin underneath. Skin peeling procedures handle a wide range of skin-related issues, from discoloration to helping to clear acne scars. Chemical peels are the solution to all those visible imperfections on your face. This procedure will improve the tone and complexion of your skin. It will stimulate the growth of new collagen fibers in your skin, which will result in healthy growth of skin cells. Newer and healthier skin will enhance your wedding day look. It is also a solution to the discoloration, which is caused by frequent exposure to the sun and other pollutants.

Two things to be kept in mind with skin peels is that you need to avoid the sun after the procedure and that chemical peels usually require several sessions (so plan accordingly). The best time to get an intense skin peel is the winter season. If you must get one in the summer season, it is important that you protect your skin against direct sunlight. Physical protection (hats/caps) would be a must in this case. We cannot fully rely on sunblocks. Exposure to sunlight may cause irritation and redness on your skin, which is something you would want to avoid before your big day.

4. Any Facial to Get before Wedding?

Another skincare element that is a must for every bride to be is a comprehensive facial routine. Facials rejuvenate your skin by means of increasing the circulation of nutrients in your skin as well as help your skin oxygenate better and improve the blood flow. Facial massages release the tension in tight muscles, thus relaxing your face expression for a softer, more youthful look. Consult your facial aesthetician to figure out which facial would suit your individual skin type the best. In order to attain the maximum glow and clear skin on your wedding day, it is recommended that you start a regular facial routine at least four months prior to your special day. This will give your skin sufficient time to adapt to the procedure, as well as get the right products onboard should you face some reactions or discomfort.

It’s highly significant that you follow a consistent skincare routine to achieve and maintain the desired results. Based on your skin type and concerns, your facial aesthetician might recommend different at-home skincare rituals to you. DH Estetica partners with two great facial studios in Wellesley and Brighton areas. Stay assured we will refer you to the best facial specialists.

Skin care before the wedding day. Cape Cod weddings Skin care before the wedding day. Cape Cod weddings

Photos by Alex Gordias Photography
  • Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding Makeup

To prepare your skin for your wedding makeup, make sure you stay hydrated and increase your intake of foods that contain vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and E. Performing Demaplaning mechanical peel two weeks before the Big makeup day is an excellent idea. Dermaplaning instantly peels off dead skin cells as well as vellus hair, which will make the best gift to your makeup artist and yourself!

  • Revitalize Your Skin Post Wedding Makeup

One thing all brides must keep in mind is that your skincare routine should not be limited to just the months before the wedding. Whether you decide to go for heavy makeup or opt for a more natural look, you should know that your skin will need to breathe post all the wedding day stress and activities. Remove all the makeup with a  makeup remover and clean the residues with a mild cleanser. Remember to use a gentle and non-drying toner so that your skin retains its ideal pH. Drinking loads of water is a tip that all skincare professionals emphasize for a long-lasting fresh look.

So, start incorporating these tips into your daily skincare routine today, and we promise that your skin will thank you on your wedding day. Good luck!

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