Hello and welcome to my Cape Cod and Boston wedding photographers blog. Today’s post is dedicated to Saint Leonard Church in Boston  – Boston, MA.

As a local photographer in Greater Boston and Cape Cod (I do have two studio locations), I am always happy to travel and do love local weddings in Boston.


“Love is the gift and love is the giver. Love is the gold that makes the day shine. Love forgets self to care for the other. Love changes life from water to wine.” 

Lee Strauss
St. Leonard of Port Maurice Parish wedding photos

Weddings are celebrations of love. Two people promise to love and honor one another, and to stay true to each other for better or for worse for the rest of their lives. You are to make an important decision about whether to have a church wedding ceremony or a civil ceremony. Whether the wedding is small or large – in church, our whole life is placed in God’s hands, asking for God’s blessings.

One more religious wedding venue to bless your marriage is Saint Leonard of Port Maurice Parish. It is perfect for any couple looking for a venue with a religious background and historic architecture.

About St. Leonard’s Church

St. Leonard of Port Maurice, or more simply St. Leonard’s, is a parish of the Roman Catholic Church in Boston. It’s one of the oldest churches built by Italian immigrants in the United States. Its history began in 1873. The Church is located in the North End, the city’s oldest neighborhood in Boston and it is of the city. St. Leonard’s Church is known for its attractive Peace Garden, and for its St. Anthony shrine, which is the oldest of its kind in Boston.

The interior and the grounds

St. Leonard’s Church is an architectural masterpiece in the very heart of the city and its landmark. It’s gorgeous and spectacular. Its beautiful, peaceful and comforting atmosphere will make your big day unforgettable. The statues of Saints, paintings on the walls and the dome and altar are majestic in their beauty. The church’s stunning stained glass windows were handcrafted 121 years ago and tell the story of its rich history. The interior, with its ornate Italian style and color scheme, was created by immigrant craftsmen who were also parishioners. Of the city’s historic churches, this is the most artistic one. There is also a gorgeous courtyard that your guests can visit at the beginning or end of the ceremony for some memorable photos. So this church is a truly beautiful spot to exchange your vows.

St. Leonard’s Church is a fantastic space for celebrating your charming ceremony because it’s so elegant and grand.  Within walking St. Leonard’s Church is very close to four stars Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel and five stars Boston Harbour Hotel. So it’s is the ideal location for your special day and beautiful photography.

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Saint Leonard Church in Boston

Information about the venue

Official website:

Address: 320 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

P: 617-523-2110 | F: 617-367-0456