Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Alex. As the lead photographer at Alex Gordias Photography, I would like to share The Studio’s approach. Today’s post is about The Power of Photojournalism. For those who don’t know – wedding photojournalism is a style of photography that captures candid and authentic moments throughout the day. Instead of relying on posed shots, photojournalists aim to document the natural flow of the day, telling a visual story of the couple.


In the past years, wedding photojournalism has become an increasingly popular style of wedding photography in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Rather than simply capturing posed portraits and formal shots, wedding photojournalists document the entire wedding day as it unfolds, capturing candid moments and emotions in a storytelling style.


My team and I strive to combine classical staged photos with capturing unique moments in between. Hiring us for the wedding day means that you’ll have beautifully captured moments – staged/portraits, formal family pictures, romantic staged shots, sweet and important moments and lots of fun. Based on the questionnaire we’ll focus on some parts of the day more or can capture more staged shots if your preferences lean towards that style.


Here are the questions we are always asking couples.

What kinds of images are you looking for?

-Edgy and modern
-Fun and whimsical
-Traditional and classic
-Good mix of all above

Which photos are most important to you?

-Family photos/
-Bride and groom portraits/
-Wedding party photos/
-Detail shots (bouquet, shoes, dress, rings, etc.)/
-Guests dancing at the reception/

All that info you’ll give us an idea of how the personal approach will be. You can prioritize any part or give us artistic freedom.


With more than a decade of experience, we have the unique ability to blend classical and staged approaches with his photojournalistic style. Your wedding gallery will showcase the incredibly captured essence of a day, from the intimate moments between the couple to the joy and excitement of their guests. The photos have been featured in numerous publications, and Alex has a reputation as one of the best wedding photojournalists in New England. My team and I have an exceptional eye for detail and his ability to connect with his clients. Alex Gordias Photography can be a top choice for couples who want their wedding day captured in a way that is both artistic, classical and authentic.

Check some of my favs from the 2022 season:



One of the benefits of wedding photojournalism is that it allows the photographer to capture the true essence of the wedding day. Instead of focusing solely on the bride and groom, wedding photojournalists capture the moments that make up the day, from the small details to the big moments. This means that the photos not only tell the story of the wedding day but also capture the personalities and emotions of the bride and groom and their guests.


Another advantage of wedding photojournalism is that it allows the couple to enjoy their wedding day without feeling pressured to pose for photos. Instead, the photographer blends into the background and captures the day as it unfolds naturally. This means that the couple can focus on enjoying their wedding day while the photographer captures the moments that make up the story of their day.

Overall, wedding photojournalism is an excellent option for couples who want their wedding day captured in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful. In Boston and Rhode Island, there are many talented wedding photojournalists who specialize in this style of photography. By choosing a wedding photojournalist, couples.


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