Hello and welcome, it’s time to share the sneak peek from the New York, The William Vale – Williamsburg elopement. A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Williamsburg to capture the love of Marina and Mateus. As a New England wedding photographer who works all over it and because of my international experience at destination weddings, I used to travel a lot, and driving 4 hours to NYC was easy.

The story of M&M has begun at the ZenaRose Fashion show in Boston, where I worked as a photographer. Their wedding planner Mandy, who did the fashion show already posted some photos on her blog about the event.

The elopement day was cloudy, but it doesn’t mean everyone was upset. We spend 5 hours together having fun, enjoying every minute. My wife Vera Gordias did the bride’s hair and makeup in the morning, while I captured some candids during getting ready. After the officiant arrived, they eloped, and we walked to the streets nearby to capture some romantic shots.

Check some photos!

the william vale williamsburg elopement 03

Check The William Vale hotel if you considering celebrating your wedding there. If you plan your wedding in NYC or even in California, I am always happy to travel to capture your special day.

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