There is so much that can be said about how COVID-19 has impacted just about every aspect of life. Every person on this planet has been affected in some way, and we are no different.

I’ve started receiving questions about the spring-summer 2020 wedding rescheduling a while ago and decided that the best way to help, support, and inform you is to create this article.

In light of this crisis, I have put together brand new policies and guidelines to help you navigate the process of rescheduling. The goal is to make every effort to still capture your wedding – in whatever form it takes – while simultaneously protecting the business I worked the past years to build.

Use this page as a guide and still make sure to reach out so we can discuss your individual circumstances one-on-one.


Reschedule for 2020 & winter 2021

The ideal situation! I am waiving a change fee for any date in 2020 and any time between January-April in 2021. I am only the one photographer in my company, please reach out immediately if you are considering a change of date and I will provide you an updated list of available dates.

Reschedule for May-October 2021

Waived change fee for any day other than a Saturday from May-October. A peak Saturday will incur a change fee of $1000 for all photo packages. This has been the most difficult policy I have had to enact and I want to fully explain the reasoning behind it.

If a 2020 couple moves their wedding to a peak 2021 date, I am barring myself from being able to book a wedding on that date, effectively losing additional income we rely on each year. If this happens to say 10-20 times, it can significantly impact my ability to sustain my business.

The change fee I offering is a way to soften the loss of revenue while trying my best to accommodate my clients who are going through this challenging time. It also takes into account that my prices will rise for the 2021 season soon.

Clients reschedule for a date the photographer is not available

You have the option to use an associate photographer and keep the existing contract terms or cancel and forfeit your retainer. Waived change fee for all dates using an associate photographer.

Clients choose to cancel their wedding completely

Per my contract terms, I do not refund any monies paid. If a big wedding isn’t in the cards, consider instead using the retainer to cover a small elopement with just immediate family members.

How about elopements/intimate weddings?

If the virus has derailed your plans, but you still want to get married, consider having your retainer put towards an elopement package. That would include me capturing an intimate ceremony with just you two and the officiant and perhaps your immediate family as well. Reach out with any ideas you have and we can work to put together something creative and meaningful.

How about the complimentary Engagement session in case of canceling/rescheduling or moving towards the elopement.

I am happy to do the complimentary engagement session for you during 2020 if you are staying with the same package. I will provide you an updated list of available dates for rescheduling the session and your wedding date.

How do we officially change the date?

To alter our agreement, I need an addendum signed to piggyback on your original contract listing the date change. When we reschedule to another date, that date is held and we turn away other potential inquiries. So much like your original contract, we need to have something in writing to protect both parties.

I can also put a soft hold on a date to give you time to secure all your vendors. If someone else inquires about the date, you will have the first right of refusal for at least 24 hours. There will not be an official hold until the addendum is signed.

What about payments?

I am now requesting that clients keep their original payment schedule.

In conclusion

I am so thankful to my wonderful clients during this trying time. So far, everyone has been understanding and gracious. Most of the postponed weddings have already found new dates and had their retainers transferred with no fee.

So far, no one has outright canceled their celebrations.

We want you to know that I am here for you, so please email, call or text me if you have any questions at all. I would be happy to discuss the situation and to offer the best I can.

All the best

Alex Gordias.