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Today I want to speak about the weather. Tricks, being prepared, and advantages.

And now about all in details:

  1. Why It’s Lucky To Get Married in the Rain – more hugs and romantic moments during the session. That means you can buy some transparent umbrellas to take it to the photo session. Staying closer under one umbrella or two separate umbrellas for a quick walk. If the rain starts during the ceremony, you can use them too.  The white umbrellas are suitable for the guests, even sitting under the warm sunlight somewhere on the beach ceremony is more comfortable. Take umbrellas at the end of the wedding day to take some photos in front of the Venue. I do have a radio flashlight which can add some bright backlight behind you, to uncover the rain. I am dreaming of taking that photo and hope someday I’ll be lucky to do it.
  2. During the rain, you are breathing chilling air and can enjoy the atmosphere. Moreover, floral compositions, the bouquet, boutonniere, flower bracelet look fresh.
  3. Gathering under the tent or in the ballroom for the reception is a must. The weather cooperates to make the reception cozier. There is no need to put ait conditioner on the maximum—the real comfortable climate is for everyone.
  4. A chance to see the Rainbow is a piece of good luck and to take the photos. I would be a lucky photographer if I could capture it with the couple.
  5. Everyone is more cooperative, working more harder, especially before the reception.
  6. In Europe there is a belief that rain is not just for good luck, it’s for money. So there is a significant chance to become a wealthy family. 🙂

Be prepared for the rain, but order sunny or cloudy weather. It’s not a disaster. It’s something that makes your wedding more unique.

Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last. As you know, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel!

Cape Cod and Nantucket wedding photographer

Some helpful tips:

  • Make sure your Venue has options for rainy weather. Having a back-up covered spot for the ceremony is a plus
  • Buy some accessories: wholesale blankets, rain boots, transparent umbrellas for a couple.
  • Think about your fiancee: sometimes a second shirt for a groom helps a lot, especially in the case of sweating.
  • For the Bride and Bride wedding: You can always change the dress(es) for the party for something elegant or a tux-style suit.
  • For the Groom and Groom wedding: Prepare the second pair of socks, jackets, or shirts.


I do love any kind of wedding, so please find my consider my advice not only personalized, #loveislove.


Cape Cod and Nantucket wedding photographer

We can accept that the weather is unpredictable, and we’re all allowed to be upset. And if it’ raining cats and dogs, try to focus on love and the beauty of your day.


Cape Cod and Nantucket wedding photographer

Cape Cod and Nantucket wedding photographer

Lyusha and Sasha were married on September 7, on Cape Cod. The day before was their ketubah signing. Hurricane stopped nearby Cape. I believe everyone felt stress on those days. Look at the photos. They are so lucky! The rain can’t stop the joy of your heart!. The Sun appeared right on their wedding day.

Thank you for reading the article about Why It’s Lucky To Get Married in the Rain from a local Cape Cod wedding photographer – Alex Gordias.