Captured by Alex Gordias, Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

Jake and Victoria’s wedding at the Willowbend Country Club in Cape Cod was a day to remember. As a Cape Cod Wedding Photographer, I, Alex Gordias, had the opportunity to photograph their celebration. Jake and I met a long time ago. We planned his proposal to Victoria a year before, and it went perfectly romantic. They invited me to photograph their wedding after receiving the gallery.

The Venue: Willowbend Country Club

Willowbend Country Club, located in Cape Cod, is known for its well-kept lawns and a clubhouse that combines traditional and modern elements. The club’s interior features large windows and a spacious dance floor, accommodating various wedding sizes. The outdoor areas, including the golf course, provide a scenic backdrop for events.


The Wedding Celebration

The day started with the arrival of guests, welcomed by views of the golf course and the club’s setup. The outdoor ceremony utilized the club’s scenery, with the lawns serving as the venue. After the vows, the reception took place inside the clubhouse, where guests enjoyed the evening.

As the photographer, my aim was to capture the day’s events, focusing on the couple and the setting of Willowbend. The club offered diverse photo opportunities, from its outdoor spaces to its interior. The lighting, both outside and inside the clubhouse, was used to enhance the photographs.



Photography Approach

My approach was to document the day’s natural progression, making the most of Willowbend’s features. The range of settings at the club provided varied backdrops for the photos, capturing both the ceremony’s intimate moments and the reception’s energy.


The wedding of Jake and Victoria at Willowbend Country Club showcased the venue’s suitability for such events. Capturing their special moments in this setting was a valuable experience. Willowbend provided a fitting backdrop for their wedding, with its combination of outdoor beauty and indoor elegance. Fill out the contact form on my page to discuss your wedding day.


Alex G.