There’s something truly magical about a Cape Cod wedding, and Monika and Pete’s special day at the Wychmere Beach Club was a perfect example of this enchantment. Their journey from the sacred aisles of the Holy Trinity Church in Harwich to the stunning backdrop of Wychmere Harbor and the lively celebration in the Harbor Room was nothing short of a fairy tale. My name is Alex G, and I am a Cape Cod Wedding Photographer.

A Sacred Start at Holy Trinity Church

Monika and Pete’s wedding day began at the beautiful Holy Trinity Church in Harwich. The church, with its solemn atmosphere, provided a perfect start to their nuptials. The couple exchanged vows in an emotionally charged ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, setting the tone for a day filled with love and commitment.


A Trolley Ride to Scenic Wonders

Post-ceremony, the wedding party hopped on a charming trolley, adding a whimsical touch to their transition from the church to the scenic spot of Cape Cod. The trolley ride, filled with laughter and anticipation, took us to Scenic Point, where we captured breathtaking photos against the backdrop of Wychmere Harbor. The harbor, with its tranquil water and boats gently swaying, offered a picturesque setting that perfectly complemented Monika and Pete’s romance.



Wychmere Beach Club: A Reception to Remember

The culmination of Monika and Pete’s wedding day was at the esteemed Wychmere Beach Club. Known for its elegant charm and stunning ocean views, the Beach Club was the ideal location for their reception. The festivities took place in the Harbor Room, a space that combines coastal elegance with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here, against the backdrop of the Atlantic and amidst the sophisticated décor, guests celebrated the newlyweds with great fervor.

A Night of Joy and Celebration

As the evening unfolded, the Harbor Room at the Wychmere Beach Club was filled with music, dancing, and laughter. The reception was not just a celebration of Monika and Pete’s union, but a testament to the joy and love shared among everyone present. Capturing these moments, from the first dance to the heartfelt toasts, was a photographer’s delight, as each snapshot echoed the happiness of the day.


Conclusion: The Essence of a Wychmere Beach Club Wedding

Monika and Pete’s Wychmere Beach Club wedding was a beautiful blend of traditional elegance, scenic beauty, and joyful celebration. It showcased the best of what Cape Cod has to offer – a perfect setting for a day filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. This venue remains one of my favorites, I am familiar with all the ballrooms and would be happy to book the wedding for you at one of the best places in MA.




Vendors List

Venue: Wychmere Beach Club 

Cake: I Dream of Jeanne Cakes 

Videographer: Brighter Lights Media 

florist: Botanique of Cape Cod @botaniquecapecod

band: Atlantic Shake @atlanticshake

Hair stylist: Korina @korinahaleystyle 

Makeup artist: Sea Glam @sea_glam