Welcome to Boston Wedding Photographer‘s blog. My name is Alex Gordias; it’s time to share some of the Best Places for Engagement Sessions on Boston’s North Shore. The North of Boston boasts a stunning coastline, charming towns, and historic landmarks, making it an ideal location for engagement photography sessions.

To help families and couples find the perfect spot to capture the love and excitement, I have compiled a list of the best places for engagement sessions on Boston’s North Shore. From sandy beaches to lush gardens, these picturesque locations offer an array of beautiful backdrops to make every session unforgettable.


1. Crane Beach

With its pristine sand dunes, miles of shoreline, and iconic Crane Estate in the background, Crane Beach provides a breathtaking backdrop for engagement sessions

2. Hammond Castle

This historic castle, perched on the rocky cliffs of Gloucester, offers a unique and romantic setting for engagement photos, complete with stunning ocean views.



3. Rockport Harbor

The charming seaside town of Rockport boasts a picturesque harbor, colorful fishing shacks, and quaint streets, providing an idyllic New England setting for engagement sessions.

4. Halibut Point State Park

Featuring dramatic rocky cliffs, panoramic ocean views, and lush greenery, Halibut Point State Park offers a variety of natural backdrops for capturing stunning engagement photos.


5. Lynch Park 

With its lush gardens, historic rose gardens, and beautiful ocean views, Lynch Park is an ideal location for engagement sessions with a touch of elegance and charm.

6. Endicott Park 

This picturesque park, with its serene pond, rustic barn, and lush greenery, provides a perfect setting for capturing the love and excitement of engaged couples.



7. Good Harbor Beach

With its soft sand, gentle waves, and stunning views of the Twin Lights, Good Harbor Beach offers a classic New England beach setting for engagement sessions.

8. Newburyport Waterfront Park

Featuring a charming boardwalk, brick pathways, and a historic downtown area, Newburyport Waterfront Park provides a picturesque setting for capturing memorable engagement photos.

9. The Great House at Castle Hill

This grand estate, with its manicured gardens, sweeping views of Crane Beach, and elegant architecture, offers a timeless and romantic backdrop for engagement sessions.



10. Salem Willows Park

With its iconic white gazebo, vintage carousel, and ocean views, Salem Willows Park provides a whimsical and nostalgic setting for engagement photos.


11. Manchester By The Sea and Singing Beach



Boston’s North Shore offers a wealth of picturesque locations for engagement sessions, from stunning beaches to historic landmarks. These ten locations provide an array of beautiful backdrops that will make every engagement session unique and memorable. As a wedding and family photographer, exploring the North Shore’s scenic spots will undoubtedly inspire your creativity and allow you to capture the love and excitement of newly engaged couples in a truly unforgettable way.

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