Beautiful Wedding at Medieval Style Castle

Nestled on the picturesque coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Hammond Castle provided the perfect backdrop for the enchanting wedding of John and Danielle. This historic place, with its medieval architecture and stunning ocean views, was transformed into a beautiful setting on its special day. Captured by Alex Gordias – a Boston Wedding Photographer, every moment was immortalized, showcasing the blend of romance, elegance, and history that this unique venue offers.


The Venue: Hammond Castle’s Timeless Elegance

Hammond Castle, a hidden gem on the New England coast, offers a blend of romantic history and architectural beauty. Built-in the 1920s by inventor John Hays Hammond Jr., it boasts medieval-style halls, a grand courtyard, and breathtaking seaside gardens. The castle’s ambiance provided a surreal setting for John and Danielle’s wedding, complementing their love story with its timeless charm.

The Ceremony: A Blend of Tradition and Individuality

The ceremony was held in the castle’s grand courtyard. John and Danielle exchanged vows amidst the historical grandeur of the castle, surrounded by family and friends. The couple’s personal touches, including a custom ceremony script and a blend of traditional and contemporary music, made the experience deeply meaningful.

The Reception: Dancing in the Castle’s Grand Hall

As the sun set over the Atlantic, the reception unfolded in the castle’s majestic Great Hall. The hall was adorned with elegant decor that complemented the medieval architecture, creating a regal yet intimate atmosphere. Guests dined on exquisite cuisine and danced under the chandeliers, making memories in a setting straight out of a storybook.

Conclusion: A Day to Remember

John and Danielle’s wedding at Hammond Castle was not just a celebration of their love, but a journey into a world of historical elegance and romantic charm. Captured beautifully by Alex, every photograph is a testament to the couple’s fairy-tale day in this extraordinary venue. Their wedding stands as a perfect example of how a unique location, combined with skilled photography, can create an unforgettable experience. Reach out to me to plan and photograph your wedding day around Gloucester or at Hammond Castle Museum.


Museum Cost and Rentals

Rentals are available every day of the week, with two time options: from 5 to 9 p.m. or from 5 to 10 p.m. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • For a 4-hour rental from Monday to Thursday, the cost is $6,000.00.
  • For a 4-hour rental from Friday to Sunday, the cost is $6,800.00.
  • For a 5-hour rental from Monday to Thursday, the cost is $7,500.00.
  • For a 5-hour rental from Friday to Sunday, the cost is $8,500.00.

Vendors Of The Day:

Planning: @preppedandprimped
Florals: @blushandbloomfloraldesign
Hair: @athinas_salon
Venue: @hammondcastlemuseum
Catering: @capers_catering
Band @vincentkinglive
Rentals: @peakeventservices