Thanks for stopping by at my Blog. I am the founder of Alex Gordias Photography and the lead Boston Wedding Photographer. Today it’s time to talk about planning your Engagement Session, one of the most important things to be precise –  a wardrobe. It is a really important topic for engagement sessions. It’s a chance to show off your style and snag a few wearables you can wear for the photo session, so it deserves some time spent.

Start planning your session with some inspiration from Pinterest: Here is the example/guide about what to wear for your photos. You can dig into the boards to find the best option for you anytime using the keywords, it’s the most effective tool.

For example, based on the future location you can search with: City Elegant Engagement outfit Ideas or Elegant Beach Engagement session outfits.




What should you wear on an engagement session?

The clothes worn for an engagement shoot should be chosen carefully after identifying how formal or casual you want to look, but, generally, outfits that are comfortable will work best. Remember that your image does not have to match your engagement ring if you do not wish it to. Also, as mentioned, consider where and when the photos will be taken before choosing clothes because this will affect the whole photo shoot. 

The clothes you choose to wear on your engagement day need to strike a balance between dressing for an engagement party and enjoying some candid shots that allow people who see them get to know you better. By following these simple guidelines, your look will say everything about how well you are dressed but nothing about the clothes themselves.




Pay attention to details

Planning an engagement photoshoot, pay special attention to details such as your manicure, hairstyle and make-up. They should not only reflect your personality and enhance your beauty but also suit the style and location of the photo shoot. It can be great to take some props too, for example, a bottle of champagne, balloons or flowers. The pictures will definitely become more vivid and catchy. 

Don’t go too fancy

Wearing clothes that are too formal can make you look stiff or uncomfortable in photos. For example, if one person usually wears jeans and t-shirts while another tends to dress up with a suit, then it is best to choose what reflects your personality rather than what is usually expected. However, it can be a good idea to try something new and try an unusual outfit. Balance is important. 

Jewelry counts

One of the main features of your look is the engagement ring. Polishing it in advance sounds like the right thing to do. However, don’t wear all the jewelry you have – let the ring be the true star of this party! 



Don’t go too casual either

Wearing clothes that are too casual can also ruin photos. It is important to remember that this opportunity does not exist just so you can wear sweats or dress down. Sometimes the clothes can be too casual for the place, for example wearing flip-flops is good for the beach, however, it’s not the good choice for the downtown pictures. It is best to wear what is nice enough for an engagement party but also would be comfortable.

Don’t wear clothes that show too much skin

Wearing clothes that are revealing might seem like it makes sense since the purpose of the day is to capture your personality and beauty via candid photos, but it does not do either. Revealing clothes scream “look at me” instead of “let’s get to know each other”. This means no shorts, miniskirts, strapless tops or dresses, spaghetti strap tank-tops, low-cut shirts, short skirts or short shorts.

Don’t wear clothes that reveal too little

Wearing clothes that do not reveal enough might seem like a good idea. The clothes should reflect who you are, not make an attempt at hiding anything. This means no baggy clothes, clothes with horizontal stripes or large logos all over them, clothes with dark colors on top and light colors on the bottom (unless it is a dress ), crinkled clothes, clothes made from scratchy fabrics. You want to look your best when you stand in front of the camera so choosing clothes wisely you accomplish just that without having to resort to clothes that create unflattering looks.

Choose matchy outfits, but not too matchy

To look great in the photos, it’s important to choose complementary colors for you and your partner. The shades of one color or just the matching colors will help to create memorable family looks. However, it’s highly recommended to avoid saturated red and orange as these colors may reflect the skin negatively. If there are any doubts, stick to the neutrals – they are always a great choice.    You can always have two dresses – it’s a good option if you want something bright and colorful for the first half of the session.  Let’s talk about it below. 

Two pairs are better than one

If you are planning a standard engagement session (around an hour), it will be perfect to try two different outfits. Numerous photos and unforgettable experiences are waiting for you! Even if you are not eager to change your clothes, taking an extra pair of comfortable shoes can be handy. Spending an hour + on high heels can be exhausting.


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In addition, just make sure the clothes are fitting well, you like the outfits, so you can enjoy your photo walk! The best advice ever is just to relax and have fun! It’s the time of your life, so enjoy!  Let’s start your photo experience together. 

Hope you found this article helpful. I am always happy to help my clients with choosing the outfits and planning the session.

Let me know if you have any questions about What to Wear for Engagement Photos, especially before scheduling your photo session – your Boston Wedding photographers – Alex Gordias and The Team.


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