It’s time to share some more planning tips and thoughts. My name is Alex, and I am the Boston Wedding photographer at AG Phototography who works all over New England and Beyond. Let’s talk about why Small Weddings Still Need a Wedding Planner. I combined 12 reasons for that. Enjoy the reading

Small weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering couples a more intimate and personalized experience. However, many couples may feel that hiring a wedding planner for a small celebration is an unnecessary expense. As a Boston wedding photographer with years of experience, I have witnessed firsthand the invaluable benefits that a wedding planner can bring to even the smallest of weddings. In this blog post, I will share some compelling reasons why small weddings still need a wedding planner.


1. Stress Reduction:

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a wedding planner, regardless of the size of your celebration, is the reduction of stress. Wedding planners handle the logistics, timelines, and coordination of vendors, allowing you and your partner to focus on enjoying your special day without the burden of managing every detail.

2. Expertise and Experience:

A professional wedding planner brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, ensuring that every aspect of your small wedding is executed flawlessly. From recommending the perfect venue to creating a stunning design concept, a planner can help you navigate the wedding planning process with confidence and ease.

3. Vendor Selection and Coordination:

Even small weddings require the services of multiple vendors, from caterers and florists to photographers and musicians. A wedding planner can recommend and coordinate with trusted vendors, ensuring that you have a cohesive and harmonious team working together to make your wedding day perfect.

4. Budget Management:

Small weddings often have tighter budgets, making it even more crucial to allocate resources wisely. A wedding planner can help you create and manage your budget, ensuring that every dollar is spent effectively and strategically to bring your wedding vision to life.

5. Attention to Detail:

Smaller weddings allow for greater personalization and attention to detail. A wedding planner can help you incorporate unique and meaningful touches that reflect your personalities and love story, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

6. Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving:

Even the most meticulously planned small weddings can encounter unexpected challenges or issues. A wedding planner is skilled at troubleshooting and problem-solving, ensuring that any potential hiccups are addressed quickly and efficiently, without causing undue stress or disruption.

7. Personalized Event Styling:

Small weddings offer an opportunity for more personalized styling and theming. A wedding planner can assist in selecting and implementing a style that suits your tastes and personalities, ensuring a bespoke atmosphere that resonates with you and your guests.

8. Intimate Venue Expertise:

With a focus on smaller gatherings, wedding planners are adept at maximizing the potential of intimate venues. They can advise on the best layouts and arrangements that complement the space, ensuring a cozy yet elegant setting.

9. Streamlined Decision-Making:

A wedding planner can simplify the decision-making process, guiding you through choices with informed recommendations and advice. This streamlines the planning, making it more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

10. Enhanced Guest Experience:

A planner ensures that each guest feels welcomed and valued. They pay attention to guest experience details, from seating arrangements to special dietary needs, making everyone’s experience at your small wedding personal and memorable.

11. Seamless Flow of the Day:

With a planner’s expertise, the flow of your wedding day is managed seamlessly. They oversee the schedule, ensuring that each element of the celebration transitions smoothly and punctually.

12. Post-Wedding Assistance:

Post-event responsibilities, such as vendor payments and feedback, can also be managed by your wedding planner. This allows you to focus on enjoying your newlywed status without post-wedding tasks looming over you.




In conclusion, a wedding planner’s role is invaluable, even for smaller weddings. They bring expertise, creativity, and organization, ensuring that your special day is stress-free, beautifully executed, and utterly unforgettable. At Alex Gordias Photography, witnessing the artistry of these professionals is always a joy, and capturing the beautiful moments they help create is truly an honor. For more information about wedding photography services for your special day, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your elopement or a small wedding day.


Alex G