Main Inn Wedding at Chatham Bars Inn: Lindsey and Andrew’s Celebration. Photographed by Cape Cod Wedding Photographer – Alex Gordias and His Team. Join me to get back to the warm end of October to check the photos from the perfect celebration. Let’s start the journey to see Chatham Bars Inn The Main Inn Wedding Photos


Weather and Setting

The end-of-October weather was unusually warm, adding to the comfort of the outdoor events. The warm temperatures and clear skies allowed for an extended outdoor photography session, taking advantage of the natural lighting and picturesque surroundings.


Event Management and Coordination

The smooth flow of the day’s events was largely due to the excellent coordination by Olivia and her team – Brent Events. Their meticulous planning and execution ensured that every moment was captured without any rush or stress. The professionalism of the event team contributed significantly to the success of the day, making it enjoyable for the couple, their family, and friends.


Pre-Ceremony: First Look at the Dock

The day’s photographic journey began with a first look session at the dock. Chatham Bars Inn’s dock, known for its scenic views, provided a serene setting for Lindsey and Andrew’s first moments together on their wedding day. The beach was quiet and offered a sense of privacy, making it an ideal location for capturing their initial reactions and emotions. The session included various shots along the beach and dock, capturing the couple amidst the natural coastal landscape.




Ceremony and Reception: Main Inn Elegance

The ceremony was near the Beach, and the reception was held at the Main Inn, a venue known for its classic Cape Cod elegance. The Inn’s architecture and surrounding landscapes provided a rich backdrop for the wedding photos. The warm October weather complemented the outdoor settings, enhancing the overall experience for the couple and their guests.



Evening Photo Session: Full Moon Magic

As the reception progressed, we took the opportunity to conduct a special photo session under the full moon. This session provided a unique and romantic setting, capturing Lindsey and Andrew in a different light. The full moon added a dramatic and romantic touch to these photographs.





Lindsey and Chatham Bars Inn The Main Inn Wedding Photos are a blend of natural beauty, elegant settings, and seamless event management. As a photographer, capturing the essence of their special day against the backdrop of Cape Cod’s charm was a delightful experience. The combination of the serene beach setting, the warm October weather, and the enchanting full-moon evening session made their wedding photographs uniquely beautiful and memorable.




Planning: Brent Events

Venue: Chatham Bars Inn 

Videography: Evan Maxwell

Band and Musicians Speechless music

Invitations: @fetecollection

Beauty @jsr.weddinghairstylist @kooharianmakeup

Flowers: Mary Ellen Garnett