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truthful documentary film like style and timeless portraits

Welcome to Alex Gordias Photography Studio – We are one of the best Cape Cod Wedding Photographers who specialize in capturing your most cherished moments in stunning detail and vibrant timeless colors, allowing you to relive your special day for years to come.

The team is led by Alex. He is the lead photographer and the company’s founder. Alex is the most experienced photographer with 16 years of background. He was named the Top-3 Wedding photojournalists in Massachusetts in 2020. Our team is available for destination weddings and sessions all over the US, including New England and beyond.

We work all year long to provide you with the best possible photography experience and strive to capture every moment and emotion in a way that unforgettably tells your story. Whether you are looking for an elopement photographer, a family photographer, or an individual session, you can be sure that Alex Gordias Photography will do the best.


Our approach:

Documentary - Photojournalistic style

As Top-3 Massachusetts Wedding Photojournalist, I always strive to capture candid moments to make the story unique. Fun moments, tears of joy, real life.
Bring a contemporary or editorial style for some photos:
Creating art images, finding angles, and styling classic portraits with different perspectives. Capturing magazine-style portraits.

Traditional (Classical)

Focusing on the timeline, working with a questionnaire to make sure almost every moment has been captured. (usually, I have two appointments with the clients - the first for introduction and the last one before the wedding day) This approach is good for checking the details and helps to capture staged photos, formal family pictures, and details. Everything is covered.

Cinematic style and Timeless Style

We are uncovering the locations, scenes, portraits & light - telling the whole story from where to how. Timeless style and Editing.


We believe that wedding galleries should be beautiful and diverse at the same time. The story of a day is not just a collection of staged photos and (or) beautiful portraits that can essentially be taken quickly.
The central focus point is dull. It kills variety and makes all the photos look the same. Combining different approaches helps the photographer tell the day's story interestingly and uniquely.

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Cape Cod Wedding Photography and Venues

If you are looking for more venues in Massachusetts, Alex got you covered. Check the article about 60 Most Beautiful Massachusetts Wedding Venues Below, you can find some Cape Cod wedding venues too.

Also, find it on his archive and recent blog about some of Cape Cod’s best wedding venues:

With classical and photojournalistic styles we strive to capture the emotions of your day as they happen. At the same time, we care about stage shots shots and all important portrats like formal family photos or guests shots. This approach results in beautiful and timeless images you will cherish for years.

We used to work with the structure – questionnaires and carefully checking your wedding timeline allowed me to focus on photojournalism and stage shots simultaneously. You are going to love your gallery – your wedding is your legacy. That’s why I strive to capture each important person’s photo and make sure we do all the formal family pictures.

Visit my blog and Instagram to find the most recent photos. Let’s chat! Your wedding photographer – Alex Gordias and The Team.